Who We are

ACT O’Clock is a Romanian Non-Governmental Organization building its way to an international cooperation that promotes and supports strong values such as integrity, social awareness and sustainability.

How? We are part of international educational projects for youngsters and share in our community learning materials and initiatives that support our values.


Contribute to a world where integrity, social awareness and sustainability are the foundation values for education, economic and political systems


We promote the values of integrity, social awareness and sustainability in our community and international environment by offering local and international learning opportunities for students or young people with limited access to educational resources .

  • Inclusion of young people, especially those coming from disadvantaged areas in Romania or with limited educational access, by supporting their participation in our and our partners’ international projects
  • Support our vision and mission by promoting local & international initiatives and by implementing local & international projects on the following themes:
  • Human Rights Education
  • Social Entrepreneurship Education
  • Importance of sustainability in our daily live and business environment


Our Parteners